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Outage Notifications

If you would like notifications when we have planned outages please input your information below and we will add you to our email notifications list. We do our best to notify our customers of outages when possible however, if there is an unexpected outage such as a large water main break it is not always possible to send out notifications and restore water quickly. If you are experiencing a water emergency please call our Office: 530-878-8096 or the Emergency Number: 530-262-6319


Recent Outages:

Irrigation System (District Wide Outage)

Start Date: 2/22/22

*Water has been restored: 2/25/22*


Dear customers of Midway Heights County Water District,

For a number of years, Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) has awarded grant money to water districts. The money comes from the net revenues generated by the Middle Fork American River Hydroelectric Project (MFP). Midway Heights has been the recipient of a number of these grants over the years. At their May 20, 2021 Board meeting, PCWA approved two grant requests submitted by MHCWD, that totaled $414,819. These grants required that the District provide 20% matching funds of $103,705. The District approved the matching funds at the June 17, 2021 MHCWD Board meeting, resulting in a combined total of $518,524. One grant funds the replacement of the Hillsdale Irrigation Main, a 60-year-old pipe that has continually failed due to age and soil conditions. To increase flow capacity, the replacement pipe will be increased in diameter for additional flow capacity. In addition, a fire hydrant will be added. The second grant funds work at the District reservoir. Sediment will be removed, along with other operational improvements, to restore 700,000 gallons to the reservoir’s storage capacity.

The District will be preforming some of these improvements to the irrigation system during February 22nd to 27th. You may experience no to low irrigation water pressure during these improvements.

Please help us inform the public by following us on Nextdoor -, we are Midway Heights CWD! 


Thank you for your patience during these improvements.

-MHCWD Staff


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