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What number do I call if I have a water emergency?

If a water emergency occurs such as a water main break call our office at 530-878-8096. If an emergency situation occurs after hours you can reach our answering service 24/7 at 530-262-6319. 

Who should I contact before digging on my property?

 Please call us before digging on your property and call in a USA (Underground Service Alert) by dialing 811. This is very important to prevent breaking our water mains as well as other utilities infrastructure. You can also submit an online ticket for a USA at USA North

 What is the property owner's responsibility regarding water lines?

The property owner's responsibility starts where you attach to the service. The District owns, operates, maintains, and repairs all water mains and other facilities such as hydrants, pressure reducing stations etc. If you have any further questions about where your services are located or where to shut your water off in an emergency ex: a leak inside your house or yard, contact us at 530-878-8096.




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