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Midway Heights CWD serves water customers in the northern Meadow Vista and western Weimar area, delivering both treated and untreated water via underground lines. The District encompasses about 4.1 square miles between the Bear River to the west and Interstate 80 to the east. There are currently about 777 active customer connections on the system.

 MHCWD is a California Special District and, as such, is governed by an elected Board. Day to day operations are handled by the District's maintenance staff under the direction of the General Manager, who in turn reports to the Board

Treated System

  • Active Customer Connections: about 433
  • Treated Storage Tank Capacity: About 470,000 Gallons
  • Total Mainline Pipe: Approx. 23 Miles

Irrigation System

Note: Irrigation water is also known as "untreated," "non-potable," "raw" or "ditch" water.

  • Active Customer Connections: 344
  • Flat-Rate Connections: 170
  •  Metered-Rate Connections: 174
  • Fire Hydrants: 52
  • Reservoir Capacity: About 7 Million Gallons
  • Total Mainline Pipe: Approx. 20 Miles

Current Rates:

See District Code, Article 6.5 pg 39-41 for more detail.

District Code

 Treated Water Service Rates, effective July 1, 2022

New Service Connection: Refer to Article 6.3.1 of the District code.

Usage Charge: $3.64 per 100 cubic feet (748 gallons) Plus the monthly meter charge.

Meter Size Monthly Charge
 5/8" Meter $61
 3/4" Meter$91.51
 1" Meter $152.51
1.5" Meter $305.02
 2" Meter $488.04

 Irrigation Water Service Rates, effective July 1, 2022

Metered Service Charges.

Usage Charge: $0.33 per 100 cubic feet (748 gallons) Plus the monthly meter charge.

 Cubic Feet Per Minute Equivalent in Gallons Per Minute Service Charge Per Month
 1.50 11.22$28.84
 3.00 22.44$57.68
 3.75 28.05$72.10
 4.50 33.66$86.52

 Non-Metered (Flat Rate) Service Charges.

Annual Service: $69.36 per month.

Additional Seasonal Service: $60.69 per month.

 Pumped Water Surcharge: $0.33 per unit (Coyote Hill Estates)

Service Providers:

AccountantLarry Bain CPA, El Dorado Hills
 AttorneyBartkeiwicz, Kronick and Shanahan, Sacramento
EngineerSauers Engineering, Inc., Nevada City, CA
Raw Water SupplierPlacer County Water Agency (PCWA), Auburn
 Treated Water SupplierWeimar Water Company, Weimar
Utility Maintenance Worker 1 and 2.pdf