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Board Members


The Midway Heights CWD Board of Directors consists of five persons elected to serve for a term of four years. Any resident of the District is eligible to be a member of the Board. Expiration of members' terms are staggered such that no more than three seats are open during any given election.

Placer County Elections

Director Terms of Office Q&A

Special District Board Member Handbook - 2020 Update.pdf

Current Board Members

                                                                       Since                           Term Expires

Richard Goodwin, Vice President           2/11/2020                  12/06/2024


Vacant                                                                                                     12/06/2024


Pauline Nevins, President                         07/15/2021                   12/04/2026


Thomas Kane,  ACW/JPIA Rep                 06/16/2022                12/06/2024 


Ronald Tucker,  CSDA REP                         06/16/2022                12/04/2026




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