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GIS Mapping Project


Between 2019 and 2020 Placer County Water Agency Board of Directors awarded Midway Heights County Water District two grants in the amounts of $9,090 and $10,900 for a total of $19,990 to be used towards our "GIS Mapping" project.

Project Description:

Purchase GIS software, equipment,  train staff and GIS map the District

Original Proposal:

The District would like to GIS map is facilities. The District has only three employees that know the locations of the District’s 795 meters and hundreds of valves and appurtenances.  The District has approximately 25 miles of treated main and 20 miles of irrigation mains. To compound the issue, the irrigation main has no locating wire and is made of AC pipe, so the location of the irrigation system is more or less staff knowledge.

Project Status: Complete, ongoing improvements

Project update 2022: 

The district now has both the treated and irrigation systems fully mapped and has integrated this new map with a mobile app for on the go information. This project will be beneficial in the long term for locating water mains when responding to USA's (Underground service alerts) and general field work for current and future employees who would be learning where the system lines are located. Our maps now have the capability to constantly evolve and improve over time with updated line locations and other data. Below you can see our service area map which was also created from our GIS mapping system. We would like to thank PCWA for the grant funding and assistance from their extremely helpful & skilled staff in making this project happen.